‘Sleep, Bathe, Change and Store... all in 1!’
Our bassinets are the ideal first bed, bath and changing table for your newborn... they are safe, cost effective, mobile and the most hygienic solution to have around the house once you bring your newborn home from hospital.
Benefits of Using Our Bassinet

  • Multi-purpose: Bed, bath, change table and storage.
  • Cost effective: No need to purchase multiple items.
  • Safe: Sturdy, stainless steel frame with large lockable wheels.
  • Mobile: Easily move your baby between rooms, including bathroom.
  • Hygienic: Cleaned and sanitised in between hires (using a hospital grade disinfectant) + Easy to clean during use!
  • Convenient:
  • No need to store baby furniture between babies.
  • Delivered to your home!
  • Easy to change linen.
  • Excellent for downstairs use in multi-storey homes.
  • Confidence: View baby through clear walls (especially at night without getting out of bed).
  • Options: Twin option available.
Bassinet Features

  • Stainless steel frame

  • Clear acrylic bassinet tub

  • Sturdy large wheels with lockable brakes

  • Bassinet can be elevated at one end

  • New BabyRest mattress & waterproof mattress protector provided with each hire

  • Bottom storage trays
Recommended Use

  • Single Bassinet: 2 to 4 months, sometimes even more if you are using it as a bath too!
  • Twin bassinet: 1 to 2 months if babies are sleeping together.

  • Single Bassinet:
  • Frame dimensions: 92cm (h) x 42cm (w) x 78.5cm (l)
  • Mattress is 67cm (l) x 31cm (w) x 5cm (h)
  • Twin Bassinet:
  • Frame dimensions: 92cm (h) x 63cm (w) x 78.5cm (l)
  • Mattress is 49cm (w) x 62cm (l) x 5cm (h)
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